One of the biggest challenges for the Party is to ensure that as we grow into a movement, we do not become ever more white and male in our membership.

As the Women and Equalities spokesperson for the Party, CJ has excellent relationships with our diversity groups inside the Party and has built valuable links with outside groups we can learn from. The Alderdice report challenged the Party to become far more inclusive in our culture and we must deliver on that now as we continue to grow. We cannot retreat back to what’s comfortable and easy – we must represent the country if we want to govern it.

CJ will work with the Vice President, Lib Dem Campaign for Racial Equality and the Racial Diversity Campaign to make sure that as she takes a lead on activating our thousands of new members, we also become more inclusive. We need to give all members the right support for them to progress in the party – whether it’s more training, more webinar Q&A’s, more written briefings or simply more personal contact. As President, CJ will lead the efforts with all the Party committees, campaigns and SAO’s to reach out and proactively engage this new generation of members.